Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation

We believe everyone has unique differences. We understand the importance of recognizing the innate talents within individuals. In fact, at L Shaw Behavioral Health Solutions, LLC, we identify the correct aptitude and potential in line with your interests. So, to help identify and pursue your purpose, the great Illinois vocational rehabilitation counselors hold their welcoming doors wide open for you.

Our vocational rehabilitation services present you with opportunities for personalized programs for individuals searching for employment. Using comprehensive steps that include diagnosing, EAP counseling, guidance, training, job placement, and EAP services that assist you to retain your job.

With us, you can follow your dreams through the support of career services and your abilities. Today, let us be the liason you need to become the designer, manager, trainer, librarian, or the leader of your desired profession.

What We Do

If you’re an employee facing personal and/or work-related complications, we are just the listeners and spot-on advisors you need in your life. Our Illinois vocational rehabilitation services offer an array of hands-on occupational activities that allow you to explore your potential to the fullest. We assist clients with the job application process and help you explore your career choice from start to finish. Providing you with precise assistance and comprehensive services, we help you find the occupation that matches your skillset.

Our Illinois vocational rehabilitation services offer employee assistance programs where you can be guided toward the right path with the utmost confidentiality. This work-based program examines your skillset through assessments, EAP counseling, referrals, and follow-up EAP services.

So before the worries of poor finances and work traumas start to muddle and exert a negative influence on your performance, interact with us. We’ll be happy to help you!

Our Qualified Professionals Help You Confront Workplace Conflicts

Our counselors are licensed, certified, and hold the highest qualification in subjects of psychology, professional counseling, addiction counseling, marriage, and family therapy. We look forward to helping you deal with workplace-related trauma, your mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, grief, or loss. We pay attention to relationships, difficulties, and addictions or problems with abuse. With us, get the most unsurpassed Illinois vocational rehabilitation services in town to live the life of fortune you deserve!

How Do We Ease Your Mental Struggles?

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