Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

An evidence-based psychotherapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, undoubtedly has the potential to treat borderline personality disorder, relationships, and destructive behaviors. In fact, this therapy can render behavioral health solutions to treat suicidal ideation, mood disorder, or behavioral patterns that can lead to self-harm and alcohol or substance abuse. In our many approaches to guide reduced conflict, we offer the most functional contextualism, or workability with acceptance and commitment therapy in Illinois.

We endeavor to fulfill your hope for a thriving future in various ways. We offer a myriad of practices that range from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Existential Humanistic Therapy, Existential Group Therapy, and Attachment Theory, to the Gottman Method, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness Training, and so much more.

The list goes on with the latest evidence-based practices that foster positive and improved behavioral health solutions. So, join us at L Shaw Behavioral Health Solutions, LLC. for a worthwhile and much-needed relief.

Our Committed and Comprehensive Advances toward Positivism

If you’re searching for a promising acceptance and commitment therapy in Illinois, we present superb options for you. L Shaw Behavioral Health Solutions, LLC sends greetings your way! Offering group therapy and individual cognitive behavioral therapy, we help you discover your uniqueness through attaining a much stronger grasp of yourself and the world around you.

Our therapists use motivational interviewing to uncover what brings life meaning and take charge of your emotions. We encourage you to take responsibility for your actions and challenge negative emotions through cognitive behavioral therapy. We look at thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to promote flourishing lifestyles. Consequently, we assist you in conversations surrounding emotional regulation, potential physician collaborations, and existential inquiry.

How Can Borderline Personality Disorder Therapy Help You?

Borderline personality disorder therapy can help you improve communication skills and learn how to make healthier choices. We utilize interpersonal effectiveness methods to develop coping strategies to manage antagonistic emotions including fear, anger, bitterness, hatred, envy, resentment, etc. In fact, therapy can empower fresh insights about life while also realizing its actual worth and value. Our existential group therapy may be the technique to talk about existence, thoughts, actions, and difficult emotions.

We Believe in You Through Your Rough Patches

Let us guide you toward observing your thoughts and actions as you take steps toward your personal goals. It might take time to get there, but slow and steady does win the race between your emotional and rational state. So, book an appointment today for a better tomorrow for you and the ones closest to you!

How Do We Ease Your Mental Struggles?

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